You are not a Bodybuilder, you don’t need to eat chicken and broccoli. Sit down and eat like an adult, have some meat, have some veg and have some carbs with an accompanying beer or wine and enjoy it.

You are not the Rock. I mean I personally kinda wish I was! The guys a baller and works his arse off. I’ve been a big fan for years but you don’t need to get up a 4am to get cardio and train, i refer you too my blog from a couple of weeks back where i used some insane mathematical techniques to bring to light that anyone who says they can’t make the gym ever, is just lazy… just follow this link if you want to question the maths because you have enough time to fit in 2 or 3 – 50 minute sessions in each week.


You are not a pro athlete who can train 5 + days a week sometimes multiple times a day with recovery sessions added in and have their nutrition sorted with a click of finger or drop of a text!

You are a mum, a dad, a partner, you have responsibilities, you juggle a busy work and family schedule, so stop comparing yourself to these kinds of people.

You just need to do a few things.

* Move more, stretch and work on quality movement : squat, hinge, push, pull, carry.

*Take the stairs instead of the escalator, walk to the train station instead of getting the bus….

* Eat like an adult (anything you wouldn’t give to you children or pet in large amounts don’t eat large amounts of it… why are you different?)

* Take control of your health and well-being by planning and preparing.

Big Love,