Well after that title we all know who wrote this?

No no no its wasn’t Chris although a fitting title for the dirty git.

Any way butter, one of those little things that i personally can’t live without…. unless your Rob because whilst I’m writing this, mr fancy pants tells me he uses coconut oil… dickhead *coughs. But whatever floats your boat. We later found out he puts it in his coffee… like wtf?

Anyway its about portion control from here on out folks. Butter you see is one of those foods dense in fats, so the knobs start to mount up and regardless of what they say a little goes a long way (inset whatever joke you like there)

So use that butter kindly, take a step back because if you do use butter it could be one of those things you are not really taking into consideration when cooking your food and contribute to your calorie intake.

Anyway all jokes aside, Coconut Oil is actually a really good alternative, a bit more expensive but is fairly delicious. We also have olive oils and nut oil that can be used when cooking too. portion control still please when using these, cut back on the dosage you may see a little more change in the behind.

Much love

Fred Hudson.