Mount Everest

‘The Bigger the Foundation, The Higher the Peak’ We often get asked at Compello, ‘Why don’t we do more 1 rep max attempts..?’ —– Well firstly – our clients safety comes first and 1RM’s aren’t for everyone at all for this reason. Does your average office worker really need to

Unleash The Fat Sh*t Within!

That’s right people, unleash that fat fucker inside of you… Metaphorically speaking of course! So we’re back on the note of nutrition today and talking ‘flexibility’. For me, this is hugely important for a few reasons. 1) Who doesn’t love a pizza? 2) To stop you from pulling your hair

Sustainability of the Diet/Dieting

Is your diet something you can continue a month, a year, 5 years down the line? It should be! Diet/Dieting really shouldn’t be seen as a fad. it’s your diet and it’s very important, it keeps you at optimal health and performance. Even those cutting for shows, summer and holidays,